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I am proud to announce my first line of ropes available through the M5 by Tyler Magnus Brand... The GREEN ZONE head rope is super fast and holds it's body allowing for unbelievable tip control in any condition. The RED ZONE heel rope has an exceptional smooth and balanced feel allowing you to make the perfect catch every time. The New Green Zone HEAVY has more body, smoother feel, more tip weight, and is more forgiving.
m5 head rope          m5 heel rope
           4 Strand, Length 31', 3/8 Scant                                           4 Strand, Length 35', 3/8
                        Available In:                                                                       Available In:
                     XXS, XS, S, MS                                                               S, MS, M, HM, MH
                     $36- + shipping                                                                  $36- + shipping
HEAVY new 2014        
          4 Strand, Length 31', 3/8 Scant'
                      Available in :
                   XXS, XS, S, MS
                   $36- + shipping