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June 2016


Practice with Purpose - Look at what was successful and not successful from the last roping. Pick out what was not successful, and develop a plan or goal oriented practice around that. Remember, always keep your horses needs first...

When you are setting up a goal oriented practice, keep your existing problems in mind, as well as your positive points. Every practice session whether it's roping the dummy, exercising your horse or a full fledged practice... have a goal for the time spent.

We have 2 'Roping and Riding with Tyler Magnus' DVD's available!
If you are interested in lessons or hosting a clinic in your area, feel free to give me a call: (512) 940-4786. All schools here at the house are Tuesdays &  Wednesdays in Valley Spring, Texas - Limited weekends are available. If you can't reach me right away, just leave a message & I'll get back with you. I look forward to speaking with you.