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Wyoming & Montana 2015

UPDATE FROM TYLER | July 29, 2015
Had a great time meeting some new people at my team roping schools held in Cheyenne during CFD 2015... Montana has been treating us good too and we sure appreciate all of those ropers who have been able to join us for some of the schools we have had here in the Gallatin Valley the past week or so. Looking forward to getting out and seeing some more of what the area has to offer here with the family and do some more roping before we head back to Texas! 
We have 2 brand new 'Roping and Riding with Tyler Magnus' DVD's available now!
If you are interested in lessons in Mason, TX, or hosting a clinic in your area, feel free to give me a call: (512) 940-4786. All schools here at the house are Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursdays - Limited weekends are available. If you can't reach me right away, just leave a message & I'll get back with you. I look forward to speaking with you.
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